Feature Shop Services

Designed to Empower Your Beverage Business

Leaning on our extensive experience with ERP solutions for the beverage industry, our feature shop services deliver custom-developed wraparound technology solutions designed to increase efficiency and enhance UX/user experience for your business. 

Increase revenue with our sales workforce features: 

Customer finder

  • Easily check the heartbeat of your market all in one place
  • Dial into geographic-specific opportunities
  • Customize your opportunities specific to your primary customer attributes and sales history

Account scorecard

  • A one-stop-shop for all your customer performance
  • View high-level volume insights and sales team information
  • Identify growth opportunities and dig into trend data to power your sales team
video screen with video icon and BDC logo
video screen with video icon and BDC logo

Improve your day-to-day operations with Werkbase

Where does your team go to do their work? 

With our Werkbase feature specifically designed to integrate with the Encompass ERP, your team can manage all their day-to-day operations in one place.

Seamlessly integrate our features with your Encompass portal to unlock new capabilities, visualize data better, and streamline your processes holistically.

Looking for something else? Contact us to learn about our custom agile development solutions. 

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Industry Expert-Provided Support

Why BDC? White-glove support with a focus on relationships

We have more than 60 combined years of experience in the distribution industry, and we believe in implementing the right solutions for your business, not the solution with the best sales team.

Relationships matter, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with both our ERP partners like Encompass and our clients.

Our commitment to transparency also means you’re always getting exactly what you need.

Empowering beverage distribution companies with people, processes & technology


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